Are you giving your guests water?

If you are giving guests water then why not give them DSTV at R29 per day and ADSL at R98 per month + phone line costs?

I know this is extreme but others take this ADSL Bandwidth (internet) idea even further:

free wifi to cape town holiday guests

Talking to Cape Town accommodation owners I would expect that they are the Perrier class. Or close. But some still don’t invest in free internet.

Today is not about complaining it’s purpose is to share tips with you. 

In the past I believed we needed uncapped ADSL. It’s cheap and the right thing to do. But our ADSL data providers are clever. Uncapped is not uncapped. It’s throttled uncapped. Uncapped is not cheaper. Uncapped is today more expensive than what these providers call capped data. And you may safe a lot money going for capped ADSL.

To me capped data means limitations and un capped means freedom to download. The problem/solution is that you may not be a massive downloader.

The other day I checked the data we downloaded at because our internet became very slow; we were throttled. “What?” – We were not “downloading”. We just did our work. – But why is my internet so slow?

I asked my provider, WebAfrica, about this. At the time I was paying about R300 per month for uncapped throttled bandwidth – data. I was getting suspicious. There must be a better way. I was reading up on capped data vs uncapped data and wondered if these providers are not pulling a fast one on us.

I asked WebAfrica how much data I have used during the last three months. According to them I was using less than 30 Gigs per month. That’s nothing. Why am I throttled?

Looking for alternatives I read this article and realised that I can get 40 Gigs (capped) from Afrihost for R89 per month (or R149 pm from WebAfrica. WebAfrica gives you 40 extra gigs after hours but I believe it’s a gimmick). And I get this 40 gigs unthrottled.

In other words; I get capped bandwidth, I pay R200 less per month, I get more data than I am using now and I always get the fastest download speed – depending on my ADSL line speed. No more throttling.

(BTW: You can check your current download and upload speeds here).

My advice to you today:

  • Check your data usage with your provider for the last three months.
  • Check this table and see where you can get the cheapest capped data and start paying less for your ADSL. (I bet it will be Afrihost). Don’t go for providers who give you extra data after hours. This is a ploy used by Telkom and WebAfrica.
  • Don’t tell me you cannot afford to give your guests free ADSL.

Do you agree with Editor Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya?

water and wifi

Do not give your guests and excuse to choose your opposition for R89 a month.

March 31, 2014


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