(3 of 10) What kind of homeowners should not list their accommodation?

This is easy to answer.

You should rather not make your accommodation available to the Cape Town self catering market if you meet anyone of the following limiting mental and other issues:

Let me qualify this by saying that if you are a virgin owner you will be worried renting out the first time. We understand and will guide you through the process. But if your worries are so severe, that it will affect the happiness of your guests, then stay away.

Most issues you may have are addressed with your attitude, your terms and conditions, indemnity, third party liability insurance and a decent breakage deposit. You can also screen your potential guests. But more about this later.

You should not list your home if you are a person who:

  • cannot decide if other people can or should stay in your place.
  • is a racist; some owner sugar coat this by saying they only want foreigners.
  • cannot trust people in general.
  • think all people are there to abuse your home
  • have such expensive furnishings, cutlery, or whatever that the guests are afraid to use it. Let’s say you have this flimsy R20 000 chair; if someone just give it a nasty look, it may break. Or if you have heavy sliding doors, the guest push to close it, and the hinges break you blame the guest. As they say, “Any sport has its accidents”. If you cannot allow little accidents then don’t get involved. In other words; if you want compensation for unmalicious damage then don’t get involved.
  • Cannot handle criticism: Everyone may not like everything about your home. If you cannot handle it don’t get involved. If on the other hand, your home is in great condition and you add more value than expected you will do well.
  • focus on cost instead of income then you’ll have though time.
  • if you oversell your place you will have big trouble soon.
  • cannot agree on the income goals for your home. This is critical. Miss communicated expectations can ruin any relationship. If you expect us to maximise your income but your rules about minimum length of stay, expected minimum rates make it impossible then we will waste your time. Your agents must feel they can achieve the annual goal you set for them.

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