6 Ideas On How Expose Holiday Rental Scam and Ripp Offs

August 8, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Holiday Booking Tips

I was reading Tripadvisor when I came across this guy who got ripped off in Cape Town by a local accommodation crook. He said he lost R7500 to this scrupulous man.

My interest is in sharing a solution to our holiday home makers. This is what Peter (not his real name) had to say about his ordeal when booking a Cape Town Holiday Apartment:

Yes. Another victim of Mr [Crook] who was threatening, and got away with stealing R7500 because the place was too discussing to stay in. We left as soon as we saw the place.


The advertised photographs bear no relationship whatsoever to the real place which is a squalid hovel.


It’s time that it was stopped. Companies like [Listing Company] should also be brought to task. They are aware that the photographs are fraudulent, yet they still book this accommodation. to unsuspecting guests. It is so so wrong.

I tried to sue but realistically, the advocate I was recommended did little to help. It just cost me more money for nothing. 121 Loader Street completely ruined our long awaited holidays. It is totally abhorrent that this still continues.

6 Ideas On How Expose Holiday Rental Scam and Rip Offs or anywhere else:

  1. Do a Google search for the holiday accommodation property address before you book. Search for “[address or name of the property] review” or “[address or name] testimonials“. Many accommodation businesses do not list the holiday home’s address. If they don’t list the address of the property then you should find and read reviews on the holiday- accommodation-listing-business itself. (I recommend to all tourism and accommodation businesses to add a static page to their website with testimonials).
  2. Try and verify how the accommodation-listing-business helps you to cut risk. This is important as I believe accommodation-listing-businesses cannot blanket-list a holiday home without verification and taking responsibility in some way. There are various accommodation business models. (a) You list your home and you pay a fee – and there is no verification of the information provided. (b) You list your home and the business books it out and takes a commission – again no verification of the listing info. (c) Variation on (b) is where the home gets listed for free but inspected by the listing business (this is our model at CapeHolidays) (d) then you get various people and agents listing holiday homes on various classified sites (this is another dark hole). If you know what type of business you are dealing with you can limit your risk.
  3. If you cannot verify your check points then search at travel forums like Tripadvisor and ask questions.
  4. If an accommodation listing business, a holiday accommodation home owner, or anyone advertising holiday accommodation does NOT make use of public communication tools (social media) then I would be very wary. How would you talk to them ,when you have a problem, if they are not willing to publicly show their face? I believe your risk is a lot less when they have an active Facebook page, a Twitter profile, Google+, and even Pinterests. Email and phone numbers are not enough today. Email or a phone number is not trusted when it comes to booking a holiday home. BTW: When they have business email address that includes their website name then you know the owner is genuine. Be wary of free email addresses when your money is on the table.
  5. Check Google Earth or Google maps. It is an extremely useful tool which allows you, on most places to check a satellite picture of the property you are considering. A quick glance will point out any problems or eyesore conveniently left out of the brochure or website description.
  6. If the deal is too good to be true it is. Beware. Always remember that you if you go for the real deal you can end up with nothing.
It is for these reasons that we share with you reviews from our happy holiday makers. We will go even further; if you want to phone any of our previous guest we will happily share contact information with you.
  • Do you have any great and positive ideas on how holiday makers can cut their risk? Please share it in the comment area.
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