You Can Laugh At Online Accommodation Booking Worries – If You Follow These 6 Simple Checks | Infographic

August 12, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Holiday Booking Tips

Planning your holiday is the best. You do all the research. You get excited. You cannot wait. But at sometimes you need to pay for the holiday accommodation. As you know most people are kind. But a small percentage will take naïve holidaymakers for a ride.

How do you avoid holiday booking worries

This infographic on how You Can Laugh At Online Accommodation Booking Worries – If You Follow These 6 Simple Checks is a simple and visual checklist.

Assist your potential holidaymakers by sharing this infographic to your website. They will love you for it.

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For a detailed explanation on how to avoid online holiday rental booking mistakes read this post.


  • The property does not exist.
  • The photos do not represent the true home
  • The Owner ask you to pay using non-standard ways. And quickly all the money.
  • Is the deal being offered to good to be true?


  • Are you using a classified site where every TOM DICK and HARRY can list accommodation?
  • Do you believe anyone on such a site can be verified independently? In other words if you look at renting a home on Gumtree can you verify that the poster of the add is the owner of the advert? No. You cannot.


  1. Get all possible information on the owner and do a Google Search. Search for his name and his home’s name. For example if you search for CapeHolidays.Info Reviews what do you get?
  2. Ask the advertiser for his physical home address and landline phone number. You can always do a search in the white pages to see if the phone number is listed in his name. If you search for JJ Horak what do you get? You get my name and our physical address.
  3. Have you had a look at the bottom of our website and you’ll see our land line number and our physical address. Now in (2) you have verified this independently. You need to do the same with any owner who advertise his home online.
  4. Have you had a look if you can find any social media profiles on the person or business who you want to do business with. In todays age if these do not exist then you have a problem. Look at our Twitter profile. Or on Facebook. Do you think a scammer will create such public profiles. Never. Check them out on Limkedin and Google+.
  5. There are many more check you can do. For example are they using free Gmail accounts? Or do they have professional business email accounts. Do the have a website and domain name? You can always check in whose name the site is registered. Check as an example. Again you can verify the owner, the physical address and more. Don’t you feel more comfortable doing business with someone you can trust than someone who can give you nothing but a great deal. If it’s to good to be true it’s a lie.




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