How To Get More Paying Guest By Beautifying Your Holiday Accommodation For Next To Nothing

Interior Design For Holiday AccommodationThe problem: Many older accommodations are either designed poorly or the interior has become stale. And the owners may be blind to the obvious. Unfortunately holiday makers decide between your accommodation and your neighbours only based on the photos of your accommodation. If the place is ugly or the photos are bad then you have a problem.

If your accommodation is dark and uninviting you will lose out. Big time. But the investment you make to give your place is facelift is nothing compared to the gains you’ll make.


Let’s be honest; you may have accommodation with lovely views, but views alone will not sell your accommodation. And most of us are not trained to create a warm and loving space. A place our guest will fall in love with just looking at photos.

You may even have great rates. But rates alone is not good enough. Last week I shared with you how one place rented out for R6500 per night because the house, at their budget rate, of R4000 had poor photos. And I also mentioned that some professional photographers are not even interested if your place is plain ugly – dated or cluttered.

If you are serious about renting your place out for fair to premium rates then have a look at it today. Have a look at your accommodation’s photos as well.

The Solution: Invest in an Interior Designer:

Decide if your place is attractive or dated. If it does not make the grade then don’t invest in a professional photographer yet. Invest in an interior designer first – it will pay back big time. And if it’s really bad invest in a renovator. (Many interior designers do renovations as well).

Here’s what I propose:

  1. Find an interior designer, invite her to your place so she can give you solid advice.
  2. From a great interior designer you’ll get a task list of ideas that you can do for next to nothing – yourself. For example: paint this wall white, get material like this sample and let this guy make you removal covers for these couches, rip those ugly curtains and make new ones out of this lovely fabric and remove oma’s bedspread and replace it all with white linen. These may not cost you an arm and a leg but they will give you more paying guests. 
  3. She may also suggest that you should invest in a new bathroom or kitchen. Or break down this wall to get some light in the place. These will cost more and you can do them later.
What will it cost you to get an interior designer?
  1. When you get the interior designer to give you advice you have two options; She can give you a list of tasks to do yourself or she can arrange to do them for you. When you choose to do it yourself you will pay her for the advice and task list. (A once off payment). You may want her to come back again, at an additional fee, to see what you have done.
  2. If you decide to use her to do the work for you, then you’ll negotiate a rate with her.
I have spoken to my friend, an interior designer and renovator, about expected rates and ideas.
She said that to created a do it yourself task list, depends on the size of your accommodation.
She offered my readers a deal: For a studio or one bedroom apartment the rate starts at R997 when you take notes of her suggestions. If you nIf your place is larger have a chat to her.
My suggestion is that you phone your interior designer or phone my friend Pauline Calitz at 082 927 4000 today.
When you are done update your photos and send them to me so that I send you many more happy guest.


Have fun

Johan Horak
P.S. We offer our guest unbiased Cape Town accommodation.
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August 8, 2013


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