Resource Guide - Learn How To Maximise Self Catering Income

Guide 1 - How To List Your Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation

Okay. You want to market and earn excellent money from the exploding Cape Town self-catering market. Excellent idea. Let's look at how to list Cape Town self-catering accommodation.

You have two options to list (market) your home:


If you want a handsfree option:

You can use any self catering agency to market your home.

Good agencies will market your home to more than 20 international booking sites.

While you use an agency you will pay commission but the idea is that an effective agency should generate more income than you would.

CapeHolidays.Info and others can manage your home as well. This gives you the freedom to continue doing what you do and leave the hard work to the experts.


Do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself you need effective online marketing skills and be available to all your guests. You can list with various other international booking sites.Today it's very easy.

Airbnb would be your first option. Airbnb is easy, and effective. We have found they do very well with short stays but not really great with long stays over peak period.

When you market yourself you need to manage your home; meeting and greeting the guests and keeping them happy. You can read more on how to list on Airbnb here.

We will discuss occupancy later in more detail but let me say this:

Self-catering accommodation owners in Cape Town who achieving only 30% occupancy through the year is not doing a great job. You can potentially get more than 50%.

And on nice homes achieving occupancy of more than 80% is not impossible.

This will depend on how your well your accommodation qualify.

The next post I will share ideas to see if your accommodation can qualify for high occupancy.

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Carmen Clews Homeowner

Thank you Cape Holidays for being so passionate about what you do - I sleep peacefully at night trusting that you guys take care of everything!I honor your commitment to this industry, thank you xxx

Alistair Clacherty Homeowner

It's great knowing that everything's under control when I am out of the country and would otherwise be stressed about managing things back home. And I know if push came to shove you would make a plan to sort it out. Very happy!