8 Tips On How To Market Your Holiday Home

How To Market Your Holiday Home 8 tips

How to market your holiday home

Marketing your Cape Town holiday home is not as easy as it may seem. There are many frustrating options and you have to find the best. But which is best? And how long do you have to invest before you can continuously increase your occupancy – even during winter?

Talking about winter; Cape Town holiday homes sell themselves during December, January and February. Most of the owners, doing a great marketing job, have very high occupancy over this period.

But if you are running at less than 50% occupancy over these three months combined then, your winter must be atrocious and you should consider upping your marketing efforts today.

I wrote an article on how we, as Cape Town holiday letting agents, market your home and how you can advertise your home to 400 agents and get shared on 40 websites. Today I want to explain a few independent options on how to market your holiday home.

Let’s start with a list of holiday home marketing ideas:

  1. You can create your own website. To be effective you need to know how Google works and how to search engine optimise your website.
  2. You may want to create a blog and invest a lot of time writing stories about what’s going on in your area. The idea is that your potential searching guests are looking for information via Google and then find your accommodation. In other words; a blog, for example, is about birdwatching opportunities, or kite-surfing in your area. You may then attract these kind of tourist to your place. Creating a blog and a website means long term commitment and it will pay off in the future. It’s low risk but needs continues work. Like building Rome. One stone a time and repeating the process many times.
  3. Publish a regular e-newsletter to all your previous guests. This can be as simple as setting up a MailChimp campaign, adding your guests email addresses and sending your blog posts out to your list. Or using MailChimp to create an autoresponder series. This is very effective. If you are interested in more info let me know.
  4. You can invest time in social media. Everyone talks about social media (Twitter, Facebook and Google+), but is it a waste of time? My opinion is that you should do other things first. People jump on the bandwagon but it’s not as effective as (1) and (2). Again it’s a long-term investment.
  5. You can use Google adwords and pay a lot of money to attract potential guests today. It can be a quick fix to fill your empty beds. (Do this if you are desperate and have deep pockets. It’s also important to know what you do. If not get a professional).
  6. You can list on websites like CapeHolidays.Info, Safarinow.com (pay when deal is done), CapeStay (annual fee), AirB&B.com, Flipkey and other. This type of holiday home marketing is very common with most homeowners. From an enquirers point of view there’s some real difference and I explain it here.
  7. You can appoint your own Cape Town letting agency to market your Cape Town holiday home.
  8. You can upload and share your accommodation to free classified ads websites like Gumtree.

These are all great options. They require various skills, time, or money and have their own risk levels.

How do you feel about these options? Which do you prefer?  


September 10, 2013


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