How’s Your Cape Town Bumper Season?

Beachfront holiday accommodation

Yes. The season is upon us. And depending on your view it’s already over. We can now take a short break and then focus on 2014.

At the end of the high-peak late bookings became frustrations. We could not help all the people all the time. Agents and homeowners scrambled. The only way to help them was to go out; break bones and spill buckets of blood. For that we employed our own bonebreaker. And we forced a few reluctant homeowners out of their homes. Ha Ha.

Even with all these enquiries we had a few homeowners we could not help, for various reasons; late to the market, poor photos, virgin homeowners who were greedy or their listings had inadequate descriptions. Here we can only try to do a better job.

Now for more good news.


… spend on tourism in Cape Town has grown at 5.6% a year from 2009-12, with the city’s tourism industry generating R14.6bn in 2012 alone.

This is impressive. I also know that Cape Town self catering owners are contributing a large amount to the growth. Well done to you all.

From the same article above the following:

 The Cape Town Tourism members polled in October collectively forecast occupancy in December of 2013 at 72.8%.

Great. But over the period 20 Dec to 10 January this figure should be very close to 95% and between 25 Dec to 5 January probably 99%. It was close to impossible to find available accommodation. Do you agree?

What about hotels?

Hotels must be getting worried about the success achieved by the self catering industry. Let me add; I don’t think anyone in the Cape Town tourism industry, worth their fresh snoek, worry about occupancy levels over peak time. Winter is another story. (BTW: self catering owners can learn a few tricks from hotels and their ability to do one night stays – over the slow season). But saying that, I see that USA hotel ratings are dropping and they are nervous of vacation rentals. The hotel study observation:

“This new segment of traveler is no longer looking for white-linen service, bellboys to carry their luggage up to their room or a concierge…the current generation of travelers wants to feel completely at home, connected and to be in a setting where they can be part of an experience.”

The more we can create the setting where they can feel at home and be part of the experience the better for us. Let us not get too arrogant as we ride the wave of Cape Town’s tourism success. Let’s not only be a summer wonder. The winter is our challenge.

Enough is enough. Let’s us chill with the champagne, get on with the crayfish and yellow-tail braais and have some fun.

We got fresh crays in Kommetjie and plan on getting fresh fish from my friend, Sylvia, in Kalk Bay. What’s your unique Cape Town plans?

We wish you a happy festive time. And thanks for your business.

Have lot’s of fun and let’s not take anything serious.

The CapeHolidays.Info Team

Elmarie, Nandi, Johan

December 22, 2013


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