I can only stay for 7 days over December. Is this possible?

February 18, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

During the peak December – Christmas – New Year period we may have a problem with finding you a Cape Town holiday home for seven days only. Cape Town homeowners are looking for a longer stay. We may be lucky and get 10 days. But the normal period is 14 days.

Fourteen days are what homeowners expect if you enquire long before the actual date of arrival. They will take shorter periods if you enquire closer to the date of arrival and they have not find a holidaymaker for their home.

 December is the time when Cape Town holiday home owners cream it. They are in control. And you have to pay up. This is a popular time and they will rent their home out. The odd one may not. 

What options do you have when you only can stay for seven days in a Cape Town holiday home over the peak December January period?

1) You stay longer.
2) You choose a place for a reduced daily rate and pay the same maxim for the period. 
3) You can increase your maximum daily rate.
4) We can find you a place that will take you for seven days only – very risky as there are few. Very few.
5) You can wait with your booking to see if you can get a booking to fill a gap. This is risky.

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