Joburg Has Cash Cape Town Has Class As Long As We Don’t Get Blunt

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Last week I told you how popular Cape Town is. And it never ends. Business Day now has a story saying Joburg has the cash but Cape Town has the class. Now we all know that. That’s why you come here for your holidays. And you spend mega bucks. Only R14.6 billion during 2012. But does this give us a reason to blunt our knives?

joburg cash cape town class


Even Cheryl Cole wants to buy a house in Cape Town. Excellent. We are getting so popular we may become blunt. Cheryl Cole Buying House In Cape Town

But this story today is not about bragging it’s about bluntness, arrogance or ignorance.

Let me tell you about a few issues our clients had at a couple of Cape Town homes during the season.

  1. We expected olive oil and perculator when we arrived. [She said in Europe she always gets olive oil. Even a small sample to start her going].
  2. No Espresso machine. I cannot believe it.
  3. The fleas were killing us. [I know Cape Town has a flea problem over the season but that’s no excuse]
  4. I cannot believe the flies on the seaweed. You have to complain. [Some you can address but some not.]
  5. The knives were blunt.
  6. “Although the brochure said that there was a fully equipped kitchen, there was no egg-slicer in the drawers.” [Not one of our own]

The point I am trying to make is Cape Town has class. Cape Town is cool. Or as we also say, Cape Town is sharp (sound it without the r and emphasising the a ). If it is sharp then Cape Town cannot afford to become blunt.

Let’s consider a few solutions:


  1. How much does it cost to sharper all knives once a year. I see these guys do it on site. Why not try them?
  2. When the guest mentioned olive oil I thought this is over the top. But is it? How much does a small bottle of olive all cost? Get one. Make it easy. We don’t want to fuss about small things.
  3. Fleas! Who wants to stay in a home with fleas. Go and read this article it may help.
  4. Go to Amazon and search for Espresso machines. Check the reviews and then buy one locally that best fits your needs. Your guests expect it.
  5. No holiday house should be without free WIFI uncapped. No excuse. You may have your reason why you don’t have. But I find it difficult to see why any homeowner can justify not having it.
  6. Homeowners are making money with their homes. They make all kinds of promises. Are they willing to guarantee that they will look after their guests? Are they willing to guarantee there will be no fleas? Are they willing to guarantee that if there’s something, in their control, something major, and it does not get fixed soon they will refund a small portion of the money to the guest to compensate for the inconvenience?

So what were your issues with your holiday home? Or what were your guests expectations? And how can we make Cape Town an even classier place?

Have fun




January 20, 2014


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