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Kommetjie Restaurants On A Tuesday

This blog post is more about a day in our lives listing Cape Town holiday accommodation than about Kommetjie restaurants.

Scarborough to Kommetjie restaurants


  1. We like restaurants.
  2. We like Kommetjie.
  3. It is Tuesday.
  4. We like to work and play.

A friend of a friend recommended us to the Kommetjie home owner. They wanted to list their Kommetjie Holiday home. This was the day. The sun was out. And Tuesday is a great day to list homes.

Kommetjie Holiday home

After this listing;

Let’s explore Kommejie Restaurants.

We went to Kommetjie proper to visit a well recommended restaurant. When we got there it looked quiet.

Next door at the surf shop the owner said it’s Tuesday. That made sense. But what’s the issue. Apparently this Kommetjie restaurant is closed on Tuesdays.

What can you recommend Mr. Surf Shop Owner?

He recommended another Kommetjie restaurant and Blue Waters at Imhoff Farm.

We have been to this Kommetjie restaurant and wanted to try something else today.

Some new restaurant. And we decided to try Scarborough’s Camel Rock restaurant. It’s one of our favourites. And only a few minutes by car. The trip there is beautiful anytime of the year. And, apparently a new chef bought the place.

From the Kommetjie Restaurant to Scarborough

With flowers along the road this is such a pleasurable drive to Scarborough.

Every now and then we got out to take a photo. And we wondered why people travel hours to see flowers while Cape Town flowers are everywhere around them.

We saw lots of yellow, white and purple flowers clothing the mountain sides. The sea was bright and inviting. Unfortunately I wanted more scenic-drive photos but Elmarie, my wife, gets a fit if I try to take photos while driving. 😉

The wind blowing and kite surfers having fun. (image credit)

Trying to find a Kommetjie Restaurant we saw this wind surfer

At Scarborough there’s this rustic Camel Rock restaurant (that’s also dog friendly – Tel: 021 780 1122). But today – a Tuesday – the door was closed. A signed said Open but a smaller sign said Closed on Tuesdays.

And we could not meet the new chef – if it’s true? Tuesdays and restaurants in this area…..

Making a u-turn we went straight to Imhoff farm’s Blue Water Cafe. Here we could sit, and watch the view over a glass of wine.

kommetjie restaurants 8

This is a great place for kids during the day with huge swings hanging from old trees. While we were taking in the landscape many dads came past with smiling kids – pushing them to new heights.

Colourful looking chickens came noisily scratching past looking for a meal. Obviously not worried that he can become the next meal.

kommetjie restaurants at Imhoff Farm

We shared a lovely calamari main dish and a deep-fried camembert. The meals were great. And the service good.

If you are looking for a fun trip get in the car and take a drive past Kommetjie, visit any of the restaurants. It’s part of the fun to learn about new and unexpected things. Or try Camel Rock at Scarborough.

One of my travelling friend never asks questions. He never asks directions. And when I asked him why, he said traveling is discovering interesting things by accident.

The longer he takes to get there the more he discovers. True. Every time we got lost in trying to find an over populated tourist attraction we stumbled onto many new and exiting places.

This is why we never check out restaurant reviews. We stop. We get out and test the offer. Doing it my travelling friend’s way we have a lot more fun.

I hope to see you explore the beautiful Cape. Our Cape Town is like a weekend everyday.

We have Mondays – but just looking out over the mountains, the bay, and listening to snorting whales can change any mood.

Have fun

Johan Horak

P.S. We are in the business of picking Cape Town holiday homes and matching them with Cape Town holiday makers.


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    Good post! I think that reviews are great sometimes, when you are totally out of ideas. Still, they are usually made by lousy people or by restaurants itself.

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