Local’s guide to eating in Cape Town

August 13, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Food

Local's guide to eating in Cape Town

No matter your craving Tails of a Mermaid blogger Natalie Roos has a fix for you to discover in and around Cape Town.

I love food. I mean, I know everyone likes food, but I love food. Throughout the day while I’m running around working and writing emails, in the back of my mind, there are always thoughts of food. What to cook, what new ingredients I’d like to try or where I could potentially go out for my next meal.

While some women spend money on handbags or makeup, I spend my money on great meals. I’ve truly never been able to understand people who “forget to eat”.

It’s with this in mind that I have created a list of my favourite places to eat my favourite things in Cape Town. I have a detailed list of where to find specific meals. Like where to go when the mood strikes and no ordinary mac and cheese will do, or where to find the best mid-week breakfast.Local\'s guide to eating in Cape Town[…]

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