Looking for a basic holiday rental in Green Point or Seapoint

April 10, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Question: A friend of mine is looking to rent a flat for 2 to 4 weeks next year in Jan or Feb or March, near Green Point/Sea Point. His budget for 4 weeks is R10k. It’s for a couple, and they will be happy with something basic as long as it’s safe and clean.


  • The timing is critical as January is close to peak high season, Feb high and March also reasonably high season. I would only be able to get a rate from Cape Town holiday owners if your friend has committed to more specific dates.
  • From the R10000 (4 weeks or 28 days) I deduct that they are looking at a daily rate of about R360 per day per couple or R180 per person per night. Is this correct? At the above times and at these rates (if I am correct) I will find it very difficult to get him a decent place in area he is looking for.

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