Have You Made These Checks Before Traveling To Cape Town?

August 25, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles,Cape Town Holiday Makers,Cape Town Holiday Questions

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Are you planning your trip to Cape Town?

I hope you have asked us to find you a self catering home. It’s getting late.

But this post is more on what you need to check before you arrive. Let’s try and make your Cape Town stay as pleasant as possible:

  •  Are you a sneezer? Those that see a bush or cat and their eyes start leaking, noses start squeaking and cannot stop sneezing. Well, prepare yourself and pack those antihistamines or whatever you use. If you did not know this here’s some research saying holidays can make you sick.
  • Cape Town is basically a nature reserve. You’ll find frogs, mice, and reptiles if look under most rocks and great whites in the water. We once had a client complaining about Cape Town’s beautiful striped mice. You cannot do a lot about these other than staying in a high rise apartment securing yourself from nature.
  • Some homeowners neglect the basics and this can be frustrating. Blunt knives are one such issue. Check the video on how to sharpen knives quickly and effectively at home with no special tools – Thanks Nandi for sharing. httpv://
  • If you like your own Nespresso check that it’s provided or make a plan and bring your own.
  • Traveling with kids? I have mentioned it before. I am not sure what our government is up to but don’t be a fool and focus on their inadequacies – do what is in your control and ensure you enjoy your holiday. The SA Government wants all kids 18 and younger to have an unabridged birth certificate when traveling to and from South Africa. Read this and this now and get it.
  • A new house, a new bed; bring your own pillow. If you go to bed at night sleep with your face close to what you are familiar with.
  • The most essential things you are addicted to; why go on holiday when you cannot enjoy those sausages you buy from your local butcher? Bring them with if you can. By the way; there are some lovely butchers in and around Cape Town, like this one in Green Point. There’s a small German butchery in Kloof Street City Bowl. If you love bacon or biltong or droëwors get it at this friendly guy. If you drive out to Stellenbosch and want to visit a great butchery go to Potbelly Pantry.
  • Fix and check those teeth today. You don’t want to walk around like an angry elephant when you are unfamiliar with dentists in Cape Town.
  • One bit of advice as you arrive: If you have issues with the house you are staying at don’t be the nice guy who just wants peace! You have paid to stay. Tell your agent or the manager what you don’t like immediately so the issues can be resolved and you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Have fun. It’s easy.

Johan and the Horak team at where we always try harder and respond sooner.