You Need Proof:

Is CapeHolidays For Real?

You want to book accommodation through CapeHolidays.

You are skeptical.

You know a story about a scam. Everyone knows a story about a scam. And you don’t want to part with your money to any person or business you don’t know. How do you know if the business is legit. It looks great, you have read the testimonials by others but for all you know they have been made up. All just a fake to con you into parting with your money for a non-existing place in Cape Town.

Don’t feel alone. We get these concerns from some of our potential clients. Some people tell us they are worried, others get to the point where they want to pay the deposit and disappear, worried that we’ll take the money and run..

We truly understand how you feel. But as our clients get to know us they come to trust the real people behind CapeHolidays. Let me tell you more:

How do you run away if you have a VERIFIED fixed address?

Do you think scammers will have a record that relates their name with a physical address? No. They want to be as anonymous as possible.

In our case even Google has verified our phone number, email addresses, our websites and our physical address. This is how Google verifies that we are genuine.

Go to the bottom of this page and you’ll see our physical address and land line phone numbers. Do you think a scammer will show his physical address? Do you think a scammer will use a land line or rather; only a cell phone.

Just go to Johan’s personal page on Google+ to see the physical details verified by Google (Go down the page ands see the physical address, and phone number. These are all the same as on CapeHolidays.Info – see the bottom of the page).

Have a look at the image below, from the Google+ profile page for Johan Horak, and see that Johan has plus 32 000 followers on Google+.

Would a scammer invest so much time to build relationships?

How Can You Identify A Scammer?

We have written on ideas on how to verify a scammer (another here). And we have given more examples on how you can verify us here. Why are we helping you to identify scammers? You decide.

But before I move on why not search for Johan Horak via Google.

Do you think a scammer would have such a public profile on Google?

What about this email exchange with Sergey from Russia?

Do you really honestly think we would try and send Sergey more than 68 emails to con him out of his Russian Rubles? And then do it over and over again with you and with others? We may be stupid. But not that patient. And are not interested. All we do is trying to help people find accommodation.

Why do you think Lady Harrington gave us the following testimonial?

This is to confirm that Elmarie Horak of Cape Holidays has looked after our home at **********, since we moved there in November 2010. She has done an excellent job, both sorting out all the inevitable problems of re-locating, and then dealing with the day-to-day problems of running a house in a foreign country. I highly recommend her services. If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. The Countess of Harrington

Elmarie was asked to manage all their local finances while they were setting up their home in South Africa. For months they would transfer thousands of rands into our account to pay out when needed. Why would they do that if they could not trust us?

Here is a snapshot of email exchanges on some of the payments made for Lady Harrington by Elmarie:

On the 1 of Jan 2012 this arrangement came to an end when they were settled. See email below of Pete.

You can contact Lady Harrington via email.

Here are a few proof of payments we have selected.

These are payments either for the 50% deposit on homes or for the final payments. These payments are then transferred to the owners of the accommodation.

You may say that we have made this up. But why not phone these numbers and check to see if they did these payments.

Here’s another deposit we got. This time we received R93 500 deposit. This is 50% of the total deal. The total deal is more nearly R200 000 by Chevron South Africa. If they trust us why do you think we will try and take your money and run. Does this make any sense to you. Or do you just not trust the world?

Another Three Testimonials:

I have known Elmarie for years. She is very trustworthy, a dedicated person who works too hard. I have trusted her with my own home. She has rented it out short term and long term. She gets the job done. And I always get my money. She pays on time every time. Sharon De Reuck please feel free to contact me anytime 0837026024


Money is not really an issue to me. But if I have to trust my money to anyone it would be Elmarie or Johan. They have only gone out of their way to rent out my house. I forget to even look if the money is paid into my account. But when I check it’s all their. I have never had such an easy time trusting anyone. I am sceptical doing business with anyone but CapeHolidays are just different. It’s a pleasure and relief to know them. Linda Sam Holiday Home Owner Call me 0835543706


Elmarie is an absolute gem and we are so lucky to have found her as she seems to go the extra mile for everyone. All my tasks are being taken care of. And Elmarie ensures I get my money. I am thinking of letting CapeHoliidays do all my marketing. Rose Lemkus 083 278 5323


More Proof of Payments Received:

Here’s an accompanied email to a proof of payment.

And here’s the proof of payment

Now let’s look at a snapshot of Elmarie’s email box for proof of payments. This snapshot shows just a few days in September 2013. From the 20 to 23 September.

Let me show you another snapshot of my inbox on the morning of 15 October 2013.

I am only showing you ten emails. But there are 20 in total that came through during the night. And they are all enquiries for holiday accommodation. This excludes enquiries we get during the day.

Do you think we would be able to con so many people all the time?


Do you agree that only people who do a great job get so many enquiries in 12 hours and get so many proof of payments.

I can still hear some real sceptics say that we have made this up.

Well as you can see from the above; we have a lot to keep us busy.

I would say more than we can handle. And if you still feel that you cannot trust us then let’s not waste each others time. There are more than a 1000 homeowners who depend on us. There are thousands of Cape Town holiday makers who are desperate for us to help them. And 99% of them trust us. One percent have a problem. And it’s to this one percent we are writing this proof. But we have to draw a line and focus on the happy ones and turn down those who can trust no one

And that’s what we will do now. We will help our happy and trusting homeowners and holidaymakers. And we sincerely hope you are one of them.

Our motto has always been that:

We rather turn you down today than let you down tomorrow.


This does not mean that we will never disappoint you.


We have made mistakes and we will make mistakes in future again. But our intent is what’s important. We do CapeHolidays because we love Cape Town and nothing give us greater pleasure than bringing smiles to accommodation owners and sharing verified Cape Town accommodation with happy guests.


  • If you want unbiased advice on holiday accommodation and

  • if you want accommodation that we have checked out,

  • then we will go out of our way to match your personal needs with our intimate knowledge of Cape Town and the homes we recommend.

  • If we have not personally verified the accommodation we rely on our partners in Cape Town. But that’s no excuse. If you still want us to personally visit the accommodation just ask and we will do it for you with pleasure.


Let me end with a last quote:


Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something. Eric Hoffer.

Capeholidays and specifically Elmarie, Nandi and Johan are inviting you to meet with us, phone, talk, even visit. Lets not miss out on that wonderful feeling of knowing this: there are real people behind CapeHolidays.

Have fun

Elmarie Nandi Johan


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Do you think CapeHolidays is for real or not?

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