Photo Walk Cape Town In The Mountains Before Sunrise Over Simon’s Town

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Photo Walk Cape Town in the naval village Simon’s Town; As you may know Cape Townians live on an island; in many more ways than the obvious.

We see Cape Town as birthplace for the rainbow nation. We have chosen this ourself. On an island you can do what you like. And that’s what we do.

Okay. It’s not an island but Cape Town is on a peninsula. A narrow piece of land pointing like a crooked finger in a South Western direction. Huge mountains run like blood pumping veins all along this finger of land.

And the best know mountain is Table Mountain. Our mountain. We share it with good-natured people like you. Yes…I know there are also baboons.

Cape town photo walk

I have not seen anyone who does not want to take a photo of Table Mountain. Don’t you agree with me that this is just amazing. A flat mountain table-top just for us. (image credit)

Well this story is not about Table Mountain. My point is that mountains dominate our Cape Town lives. No. The sea dominates our lives. Or is it the Cape Town beaches. No. It must be the people. Let’s just throw all of this in a pot and you get to the point. Agreed? (image credit). I am trying to share my Cape Town Photo Walk in Simon’s Town. But I am taking the long way round. 😉


This morning before sunrise in Simon’s Town (a great place to arrange holiday accommodation at less expensive rates than Cape Town) I went on my photo walk in the mountains and returned to Boulders Beach and Windmill Beach on my way to buy the newspaper.

Point: Doing a photo walk Cape Town you’ll easily find beaches and mountain landscapes to photograph.

I take my Samsung Galaxy SII as me preferred camera.

Let me get back to this morning. It was a beautiful day. The sun was not out and I wanted to climb the historic steps to Just Nuisance‘s grave.

Just Nuisance was the only dog to ever be officially enlisted in the Royal Navy. He was a Great Dane who from 1939-44 served at HMS Afrikander, a Royal Navy shore establishment in Simon’s Town, South Africa.


This photo was taken half way up. I had to stop every ten steps to breathe. Even this old whippet got tired. I did not know this dog had a surprise waiting for me!

cape town photo walk simonstown

Looking down two thirds of the way up I got the opportunity to stop, breathe and snap a few snaps as the sun was rising over False Bay.

Photo Walk Cape Town Just Nuisance Grave Simonstown

I cannot remember if this beacon was erected for Bartolomeu Dias who came past here long before all of us. Read more here on the Dias and Da Gama crosses that were erected to commemorate Vasco da Gama and Bartolomeu Dias the first explorers to reach the Cape.

It was a relief to turn back. It took me more than 20 minutes up. Now the downhill will be easy-going. And as I turned the dogs cantered back. The sun was breaking through some more clouds.


You see the incline. It’s a steep walk. But I was now smiling and breathing with ease. But that grey dog, called Shadow was not cantering anymore. She was running. My wife’s dog! And she does not listen to me. Gone. My wife is away for a few days and when she get’s back and Shadow is gone then I might as well just pack my bags.

I got into the car to go and buy the newspaper and eventually found the dog along the way!

Cape Town Photo walk simonstownphotowalk

The clouds were turning into amazing colours above Simon’s Town. My attention was not on the fact that I wanted to buy a newspaper so I drove past every shop.

I like that. Now I can quickly go to Windmill beach and see what it looks like this early.

As you approach the beach you go past this age-old tree of the beach. It’s an amazing tree and larger than life. I found it difficult to capture the essence of this tree so I decided to use it as a frame.

Simonstown  cape town photo walk windmill beach

And the dogs? I had my Italian Greyhound with me. Shadow was liking her smacked bum in the car. And Jafta, my wife’s other Whippet was keeping her company.

How did you like this Photo Walk Cape Town in the naval village called Simon’s Town?

If you would like to do this walk use this map to get there. It’s a safe route. Walk early in the morning before sunrise in Simon’s Town. Or go there as the sun sets. Always choose a nice sunny day.

Have fun.

Johan Horak

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  1. Herman Johnson said on November 18, 2012 3:04 pm:

    Thanks for your post Johan! Cape Town is beatiful city and beautiful nature is close to it. Still, the city has its contrasts.

  2. Johan Horak said on November 18, 2012 4:26 pm:

    Hi Herman you are welcome 😉

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