Unhassle Your "Airbnb Marketing & Property Management" Today!

So, you've got a great Cape Town home, but hate the hassles of managing & marketing? You're not alone. That's why we've created this free services to see if you & your home qualify, & to teach you pain-free home management & marketing lessons. If you'd like to tap into the profitable self catering market with none of the hassles read more.

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Free When You Apply Today!

  • Apply and discover which homes and owners qualify & why they qualify?
  • Understand the magic of making love to Airbnb because it will pay back big time. And why Airbnb on its own can be a risk.
  • Why we focus on reducing property management costs. 
Johan HorakMember of The Horak Clan At CapeHolidays.info

If you don't know the Horak Clan.....we are a family run short term rental agency for Cape Town's greater area. We manage properties and market these homes for busy owners who are not interested in the hassles of doing it themselves. We are only interested in trying to do it right. And we are not interested in being the biggest  agency just trying to be the best. 

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