Resource Guide 9 - How Will Awarding Sole Marketing Rights Benefit You?

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This is a very simple question to answer.

If you want to do your own marketing you would not need a self catering agency.

Why not? gives priority to sole mandate homes. This means that we send all enquiries to sole mandated homes first and only when when they are full do we send business to non-sole mandated accommodation.

In other words: although an agency will cost you money to market your home, the great ones should make you more money than if you did it yourself.

Why do I believe an agency can or should make you more money?

Let's have a look..... ​


  • To maximise your self-catering home's income a dedicated agency can be held accountable. You cannot set goals with 5 or more agencies. 
  • Risks: When you have agreed on goals with your agency then the agency can go out and take risks. and other listing sites expect you to honour bookings. If we say your place is available, we get a booking and we have a double booking we still have to pay fees. If we don't have full control of the calendar the risk is too high. No agency will manage your home on live booking sites if they don't have exclusive rights to your availability calendar. 
  • Live Booking Sites: If you are not on live booking sites you may as well not read any further. Airbnb and others dominate the market. And significant improvements in occupancy is seen when you list on these and if people pay immediately. Without a sole mandate no agency will market you on these sites - see risk above. 
  • Availability Calendar: Good agencies may list your accommodation on 20 live listing sites to ensure they meet the agreed income goals. But no agency would list on these sites without a sole mandate making them the only boss of the availability calendar for your place. (This does not mean you cannot reserve days for your own use. You should, but you need to reserve your dates well in advance and only if the dates are available).

Giving sole marketing rights to your agency will allow your agency to maximise income. If your goal is to get the best possible return from your self catering home then get it done. 


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What Others Say

Anna Bucannan Homeowner

Johan and Elmarie Horak (Cape Holidays) have been acting as agent on behalf of Welgelee Luxury Self Catering for the last year. It has been a great success. They are both constantly cheerful and light-hearted and simultaneously ruthlessly efficient and reliable. I have only the highest praise for them and the ethical and straightforward way in which they conduct business.

Alfred  Andrag Homeowner

Always helpful, friendly, fast and very professional!

Pieter Van Wyk 

I can only say...I will use your services again and again. No problems no hassles...even when asked the impossible the Horaks will make it happen. Thank you!