Setting Rates: Airbnb Is A Game You Play

Many Cape Town homeowners and accommodation owners ask us advice on Airbnb. It’s critical that you play the Airbnb game. You need a great host, excellent and responsive marketing, great photos, competitive rates and many reviews.

A question about Airbnb from one of our pro-active marketing and management homeowners. They have a lovely three bedroom home in Simonstown with great views:

The rate seems a little cheap for the amount of accommodation and the view. Homeowner

Here’s my response:

Airbnb is a game you need to play.

If you make them money they make you money.

If you get positive reviews they expose you higher in their rankings.

If you don’t get reviews and the place is nice like yours, you may feel good about your rate but bank nothing.

Having very competitive pricing brings in reviews.

When we get many reviews our ranking improves and we increase the rate and set longer minimum stays.

We also, initially to get reviews, set rates for 4 people and add when they are 5 or six.

All of this is done to make Airbnb happy.

We run more than 20 homes on Airbnb and have taken most homes from zero to hero in a month or two. provide a hosting and marketing service to Cape Town accommodation owners with very nice homes.


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February 19, 2015


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