What We Do As Short Term Rental Agents Cape Town

November 11, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

bakoven self catering holiday villa
As short term rental agents Cape Town we have two major responsibilities. The first is to meet the needs of our holiday makers with the Cape Town short term accommodation in our extensive portfolio.  The second function is to effectively market the accommodation of our owners.
Today I want to discuss one aspect of marketing we do as short term rental agents Cape Town:
Marketing your self catering accommodation you have various options. You may want to get some income or you may want to maximise your income. Today I assume you want to maximise your Cape Town self catering accommodation’s income:
  1. You can market your home yourself, aggressively or not, on your own website and many others. Doing it effectively needs time, internet skills and dedication. Doing it well can become a full time job and you need to be very reactive and available at all times. You want to get involved other things like agreements, getting in the money, writing search engine optimised stories etc.
  2. Or you can use the shotgun approach. Normally owners who are new and have no clue, believes that if they throw many agents at the marketing problem they will succeed. The problem is that no agents is accountable.
  3. You can send it to one competent agent. Then your competent agent of choice, is given the right to the availability calendar integrity after you have agreed to the availability rules. If this is so then your agent can take responsibility and make your home available at various websites and share it with 400 agents based worldwide but focusing on Cape Town. These agents, and live booking sites are given your set of availability rules – price, minimum stay, terms and conditions etc. and then booked  live.

You can choose between passive marketing and pro-active responsible market to optimise your income.


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