Should You Avoid Kalk Bay Because Of The “Road Construction in Kalk Bay”?

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“Road Construction in Kalk Bay”

Kalk Bay Road Construction

Kalk Bay at night (image credit)

The “Road Construction in Kalk Bay” is a non issue to us.

Here’s why I say that:

But before I do let me share with you what concerned people are saying about the construction:

I have read that there is ongoing road construction in the Kalk Bay area. We will be spending time in the Cape Town area in October, and had considered staying in Kalk Bay. Should we change our plan because of the construction? Would staying in Muizenberg get us out of the road construction area?

The road construction in Kalk Bay is slowing traffic down. This is not a problem to us and never was a problem.

This scenic Kalk Bay route is such a pleasure that we like to sit an extra 10 mins, even 20 minutes, and wait for the traffic. As an alternative you can use Ou Kaapse Weg to get to Cape Town. If you cannot avoid Kalk Bay’s stop and go then go with the flow.

We live in Simon’s Town and visit Cape Town often.

Do we choose Ou Kaapse Weg or Kalk Bay stop and go? We choose the Klak Bay stop and go 9 out of ten times. It may take slightly longer but time is not an issue. And if you are on holiday the time should not be an issue. 😉

What about Road Construction noise in Kalk Bay?

If you are concerned about noise then you should know that the work is currently done past the Kalk Bay village – see the map below.

Today construction starts at the entrance to Kalk Bay harbour. And you’ll find very few holiday accommodation along this short stretch.

In the next few months the construction will move towards Cloveley. Here you may find a few holiday homes. But the chances that you will stay at one of these is very small – there are very few homes here. And check with your Cape Town holiday accommodation agent before you book.

Kalk Bay is such a lovely place that I will stay there anytime. We used to have a holiday home on the construction route and we went their during the week and over weekends. And we would not go anywhere else – construction or no construction.

Let me repeat: The major impact is slow traffic and that I can live that. But there are times when you cannot and that’s during peak holidays – December – on a sunny day. During December no construction takes place and the road is open but locals poor into the area in big numbers. If you are living in Kalk Bay at the time then walk. But if you want to go through Kalk Bay then an hour or two to your schedule.

Love Kalk Bay

Here’s a map of the current construction and as it moves I will update the map for you. Here’s a link to the Kalk Bay Road Construction.

View Kalk Bay Road Construction 2013 in a larger map

Have fun

Johan Horak


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