What We Do As Simonstown Holiday Letting Agents

Holiday Letting Agents Simonstown:
What a pain to have a couple a million investment but you get no return from it. Yes, capital may gain but you are not tapping into the lucrative short-term rental market that’s booming in Cape Town.

You sit with this lovely accommodation of yours and you can rent it out but you have no clue where to start, what rates to ask and how to market your home. Contracts, agreements, and cleaning of homes. It may sound very complicated.

And you may consider Simonstown holiday letting agents:

Many people have this idea that agents make the thing expensive. Well, if that’s how you feel then don’t bother. We are only interested in helping people who want to be helped. Our aim is to make money while we enjoy what we do. We can only enjoy what we do as Simonstown holiday letting agents if our self catering accommodation owners trust us and if we make them money.

Measure our success on the money we bring you. If that’s what you want then lets work together as we work with many happy owners and holiday makers. We will help you with setting rates, how to set your home up for holiday makers, etc.

As Holiday Letting Agents Simonstown what do we do?

  1. Primarily we market your home to maximise income by getting good people to stay in your place. We are first a Cape Town Self Catering Marketing Agency. We are based in Simonstown and have offices in Cape Town.
  2. Our ideal homeowners can manage their own homes; meeting, greeting, and cleaning of the home after guests departed. In very special circumstance, for very special accommodation we can help with this management task but you’ll have to qualify.
  3. We make sure the payments are correct and we get our very strict agreement and indemnity signed.
  4. We make sure your home is set up to attract the most clients; we can give you advice on staging your home, on the best possible photos for your home.
  5. And lots more we can discuss.

Read all our advice for home owners here.

Most important: Complete this no obligation form to apply today.

Thanks for considering Simonstown Holiday Letting Agents.

You are welcome to call Johan at 021 786 4028 today.



November 5, 2014


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