You are really on the ball Johan.

Thank you So much!!!

You are really on the ball Johan.

GOSHHHH!!!!  If only other people in business would be like you!!!  Nowadays people don’t bother returning calls or responding to emails…almost like they don’t need the business.

You can certainly teach them a thing or two!!!

Johan you are actually making me REALLY look forward to this trip. “Have fun and start packing your bags”. 

How amazing!!!

Just to fill you in, it’s my husbands birthday on the 31st.  He misses his CT family so much so I thought I’d surprise him with this trip.  AND it’s Gouwa (my sister in law) and Kareemah (the other sister in law) wedding Anniversary.  So it’s triple celebration.  But the guys have no clue we planning this.  I’m from Jhb and the others are all from CT….


Thanks for everything!!

Naz (happy guest staying in this well priced Camps Bay villa)

You are really on the ball Johan.Holidaymaker

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