The Internet Solution To Your Self Catering Home

Are you willing to lose a deal because you don’t have proper internet or no DSTV?

We have learned at lot about self-catering; the needs of owners and the needs of guests. I believe we have earned the right to know what works and what not. How? Including the 50 Cape Town holiday homes we manage, we market more than 3000 homes and we started during 2009.

If you believe holiday is a time to stop using technology then switch off.

If you want to maximise your self-catering rental income then not having DSTV or WiFi are deal breakers.

A few days ago we lost a long winter booking of about R100000 because the guest wanted land-line internet (ADSL) and not the fastest mobile 4G LTE data connection.

So…if you are willing to invest in ADSL and you have a proper self catering agency who can maximise your income then chose ADSL, because you will win more deals than what you lose because of the cost of having proper internet.

If you are still not interested in ADSL get yourself a mobile modem like this one we got from (Or similar if they are out of stock). The modem is expensive but can do ADSL and 3G.


Let’s say the ADSL line fails (Telkom) then 3G kicks in and you have connection at all times.

Knowing clients as well as we do then to some a Telkom-fail is no excuse. They want it now! And to them Telkom-fail is no excuse. One bad review is never good in our books.

If you only want 3G then get a Vodacom sim (Vodacom works best in most cases but check the coverage map) and if okay install it.

April 21, 2016


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