Are You Traveling With Kids To Cape Town Or South Africa Under 18?

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New Immigration rules impacting travel with children who are under the age of 18


Gail Farmer shared this great tip. Thanks Gail.

From 01 October 2014 all children under the age of 18 will be required to produce an unabridged birth certificate in addition to their passport when entering, departing or transiting South Africa.

Airlines will be forced to refuse travel to families not in possession of the unabridged birth certificate  and this will happen regardless of the child’s nationality or regardless of whether the child is traveling with parents, or with other adults or unaccompanied.  If a child is denied boarding by an airline then this ultimately means that the family can’t travel.

The purpose of this new law of the unabridged birth certificate requirement is to create additional verification to stop child trafficking.

My Top Tip: If you have children until the age of 18 (even if you are not currently planning a holiday) can I suggest that you apply now for an unabridged birth certificate from Home Affairs.  This process can take anything between 6 to 8 weeks but this period could increase as the demand for these documents increases. Gail Farmer. 

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