Are You Making Love To Airbnb? 

Secret: "Learn How To Make Airbnb Money And You Will Succeed"

  • Hassles! Guests demand responsiveness but don't care if they are late. 
  • Frustrating running errands, maintenance, liaison, exchanging keys. 
  • Poor Results! You are on Airbnb but you are not really successful.
  • Being responsive! You are not at your computer all the time
  • Difficult guests, noisy guests, breakages etc!
airbnb capetown property management and marketing

Hi, I'm Johan from the Horak Clan at We may not be the biggest Cape Town self-catering agency but our results speak for themselves.

Dear HomeOwner

Today I want to talk to you about Airbnb Property Management and Marketing as we experience it. Let me start by saying:​

"Ignore the Airbnb Love at Your Own Peril!  Airbnb has only One Job! To Make Money for Airbnb! Figure Out How to Make Airbnb Money and Airbnb will LOVE You Dearly!"

I have not come across anyone saying it as bluntly as this....

Airbnb makes money with your assets. Send Airbnb love and they will carry you to stardom! But ignore the Airbnb love and Airbnb will ignore you. Flat out. Does it not seem familiar? The more I work on loving my wife the more she loves me :)

You may be like Philippa*. Philippa thought it was easy to make money from Airbnb, but she was disappointed. I am not saying she could not succeed. She can, but she had to learn the Airbnb Love.  

Did you know? Cape Town Airbnb grew by more than 163% in a year. The Airbnb space is flooded with wannabes. And you have to better than these opportunists jumping on the Airbnb waggon. If not you may just be another Philippa. Why?

Let's discuss the next major component after Airbnb marketing...​

 A Little Airbnb-Property-Management Mistake Can Haunt You For Years To Come!  

Let me tell you about Riana quickly.

I met Riana*, an advocate, by accident. She has a self-catering home in Cape Town. I searched for a place in her street and found her little mistake. She chose her address as her property name. Nothing wrong with that. But she got a bad review. And every time someone searched for her property name Riana's bad review would popup.  

Let me say....

​Difficult Guests And Bad Reviews Are Not The Problem!

The problem is how you manage and respond to difficult guests and bad reviews. 

Use a problem as an opportunity; Riana never took responsibility for the issues at her home. And she ignored the bad review. 

Rather use the incident to make people happy quickly and find ways to fix it immediately. The longer thet wait the angrier they get.

Why ONLY Some People Make Proper Money With Airbnb

​Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to be a man of value

Albert Einstein

Value Adding Ideas For The Super Airbnb Host

Find the Secret Airbnb Love Formula. And fly with it. Focus on higher occupancy via positive reviews.

Tweak it. Consistently. Get More Positive Reviews. Promote it 24/7 

Go to the beginning and repeat it like Thomas Edison did.

When we started with Airbnb we knew nothing about the Airbnb Love, or the tricks to ensure success. We had some ideas of what might work. But we had to find what would make Airbnb love us.......

10 Value Adding Ideas To Gain Airbnb Love 

  • Honesty and Transparency 
    Your photos need to show the entire house. You have to tell people everything. Do not try and hide the the fact that there are exactly 85 steps to your home. Or that there is noisy construction going on next door. Always be fully transparent.
  • Being Responsive.
    Responding to your potential guest quicker than the opposition will give you an advantage.  That's not all; being unresponsive when guests have issues can be the seed for bad reviews. 
  • Guests Reward You When You Show Respect With Professional Photos.
    This is all about the image you project. Professional photos show you care for your home. Take some time and set your home up to look great; flowers, fruit, immaculately made beds with rolled towels. And pay a professional to take photos. Some owners tell me photos lie. Yes they can. But this is no excuse to take bad photos on your cell phone.
  • Manager or Owners With Positive Attitudes.
    You have done the deal and the guests have paid. They have high hopes and expect a warm and friendly welcome. The owner/manager needs to have great people skills and know how to patiently deal with all guests and their issues/concerns.
  • Win With A Well Maintained And Managed Home.
    This may seem obvious but many owners pocket all the income; others re-invest, revamp and improve all the time - it takes longer, it's slower. But eventually, the tortoise wins the race to the bank. Be consistent, friendly, firm and responsive.
  • Set Your Rates To Make Money For Airbnb.
    It's not about you. It's all about value for your guests and Airbnb. Airbnb uses all kinds of algorithms to decide if you are adding value. I am not suggesting you give the place away, but focus on occupancy before high rates. As occupancy increases so does profitability.
  • Attract More Guests With Competitive Rates
    High rates with no reviews will get you empty beds. Low rates will at least give you something to bank as well as higher occupancy and, importantly, Airbnb love. What I am trying to say is that low rates make Airbnb happy and they promote you. But it's not necessary to be naive. You can and should research competitive rates and also see how you can improve your rates while still getting high occupancy. It is important to note that some competitors will have higher rates, but will not be able to actually sell the place. The only evidence of selling is a fully booked calendar. 
  • Positive Reviews Will Generate Money
    Very few Airbnb marketers understand the relationship between getting Airbnb Love, the value you offer, competitive rates, competitive minimum stays, and positive reviews. 

Poor value translates into negative reviews and poor occupancy: No Airbnb Love!

High rates mean fewer guests and fewer reviews: No Airbnb Love!

Long minimum stays may result in poor occupancy and therefore fewer reviews: No Airbnb Love!

Giving Airbnb Love is One Big Step but is it Enough to have your Eggs in One Basket?

Read this Tip And Never Forget It!

Tip: What we have noticed is that high peak time is New Year. Then second most popular is Christmas. If you do short stays your New Year will go first (90%). And then your Christmas. And some people look for three days over New Year. Or seven days taking Christmas and New Year. This is what we call stealing the cherry. Because when you have sold the peaks you have nothing left. Cape Town is so popular that you will get the deal. You will get 10 nights. If you have a prime home you will get 14 nights. If you have a prime home on the beach you will get 21 nights. Be patient. 

Here's How You Make More Money by Rather Having Your Eggs in Many Baskets.......

You have heard of TripAdvisor,, Flipkey (bought by TA), HomeAway and many more. All of these are fighting for glory. And you can ride this wave. Each one caters to different markets. Some overlap. All you want is high occupancy with great guests paying you fair money. 

Diversity is the name of the game. Go where the guests are and take responsibility for your destination. Doing Airbnb is great but is it NOT irresponsible if it's your ownly income generator?

I have always been interested in online marketing. I started in 1996 promoting our lovely holiday home in Cape Town. Many ideas failed but I watched, learned and adopted. Today we market more than 1000 homes. 

Looking at what the big guys do I decided to advertise using Google Adwords. Quickly I realised that Google charges as much as R85 per click. You can quickly spend a lot of money before you get one reservation. And Google does not care if I succeed. Bad news. But there is a better way...

Most self catering owners' websites depend on people using Google search. But Google doesn't like it when people click on links where Google doesn't make money. Google is greedy. We made him fat. And he wants more. Today Google has removed all free links from the first search window. All you see are paid adverts. This means that the small guy is out of the search engine game. Pay or change the way you do business online. Even having a Facebook page is dead if you are not willing to pay Facebook.

Rather Go where the Clever Money Is While You Don't Pay for The Risk!

Let's look at one example of what I mean....

Search for "camps bay self catering accommodation" or "kommetjie self catering" or "green point holiday accommodation" or whatever Cape Town accommodation. Every time you will see as the number one advertiser on Google. takes the risk.

Why am I sharing this with you?

The first reason is you don't have to directly pay Google for exposure. will do it for you.

The second issue is related to having all your eggs in the Airbnb basket:

Everyone one in the world, looking for self catering accommodation in Cape Town, is not using Airbnb. Research indicated that about 60% of accommodation seekers visit 3 or more sites before they confirm. If you are only on Airbnb and your opposition advertises on Airbnb and three or more websites who will get the deal? 

If it's your objective to play around and make a few nice bucks then stick your eggs in the Airbnb basket. But if your objective is to maximise your self-catering income then placing it in one basket is not the brightest idea.

​But there is a hassle free solution for busy owners....

Today You Can Get The Airbnb Love With No Hassles While You Maximise Income By Not Having All Your Eggs In One Basket

The Horak Clan Do It Right! Or Don't Do It!

You can make money marketing on Airbnb the DIY way. But then you would not be reading this. The Horak Clan designed a property management and marketing service over 6 years for the dedicated but busy self catering Cape Town homeowner. We don't pretend to be the magical solution for everyone. But we believe we know how to feed love to Airbnb and other marketing sites as well as our guests. 

Translating this: Given the opportunity, the Horak Clan will maximise your income to higher levels than most good owners will on their own. Added to that is our ability to manage your Cape Town property as though it's our own.

But this needs qualification:

We work with homeowners who qualify and homes that qualify . At any stage when the homeowner does not fix issues and we get bad reviews we will need to part ways. I am sure you understand that your reputation and ours are on the line. 

When you opt for the Horak Clan's property management and marketing you get a family who keep it small and familiar. There are no titles. We do it because we can. We have no inspiration to be the biggest; all we care about is being the best. This is why we are very picky when it comes to selecting owners and homes to work with.   Let's look at why we add value to our homeowners.. 

Three Hassle FREE Pillars Of The Horak Clan's Property Management And Marketing

  1. Horak Clan's Sharing Love When We Maximise Your Income Through Marketing: We understand how to make Airbnb Love us, by making them money. We duplicate this simple formula to nearly 15 other sites like Airbnb. 
  2.  Providing exceptionally managed property service: Look after guests with gentle but firm care protecting the interest of the owner and home who qualifies, and constantly improve to ensure streams of positive testimonials.
  3. Generating More Income Than Expected: We do the tango together; we share common goals with the owner regarding value to the guest. Given achievable income goals the Horak Clan focus like a bull dog. 

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Would you be interested in representing the houses for us [again]?”

“As you know WE put the new house on Airbnb but I must say I have been a bit disappointed.

Would you be interested in representing the house... for us? We would like to get some holiday lets going this year."

- Homeowner 

“I Have Only the Highest Praise for them and the Ethical...”

“The Horak Clan (Cape Holidays) has been acting as agent on behalf of Welgelee Luxury Self Catering for the last year. It has been a great success. They [are]... constantly cheerful and light-hearted and simultaneously ruthlessly efficient and reliable. I have only the highest praise for them and the ethical and straightforward way in which they conduct business..”

Anna Buchanan
- Homeowner
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“They are ... running the business and they are quite good at it”

“The communication with Nandi Horak was super good. They don't own the place as I understand, they are just running the business and they are quite good at it, I can say.

Eren Instabul 
- Guest

Apply Today For Hassle FREE Property Management And Marketing To Maximise Income  

What you see is what you get. No pretenses Just plain effectiveness. Ensuring a Lasting Relationships  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not happy with our services at any time just send us a note and let's say goodbye. No strings, no fine print. As long as you honour all future bookings we already made. Can it be more simple? While we deliver results why would you cancel? 

The Horak Clan Works for Real People

“I sleep peacefully at night trusting that you guys......”

“Thank you Cape Holidays for being so passionate about what you do - I sleep peacefully at night trusting that you guys take care of everything!I honor your commitment to this industry, thank you xxx”

Carmen Clews
- Home Owner
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“It's Great Knowing Everything's Under Control”

“It's great knowing that everything's under control when I am out of the country and would otherwise be stressed about managing things back home. And I know if push came to shove you would make a plan to sort it out. Very happy!

Alistair Clacherty
- Homeowner

Johan Horak
Horak Clan Member at CapeHolidays.Info

About the Author

Elmarie Horak started in 2009. I was selling my marketing services. And Nandi, our daughter, studied drama at UCT at the time. Never did we realise how this clan would need to get involved.

I started applying my marketing skills on Nandi had no choice but to join the Clan. Elmarie checks the money and runs the management team in the south. Nandi does everything plus the management team in Cape Town. Today the Horak Clan runs super efficiently and extremely responsively.  We take full responsibility and expect commitment from owners and guests. We like fun and we find ways to enjoy life. But guests and owners always come first.

"But What About The Costs?"

You get two kinds of owners; one looks at cost while the other looks at the profit after cost. They say you get what you focus on. The first type also doesn't like agents and asks, "what have you done to earn your commission?", while the other owner knows that without an agent she will need to deal with all the hassles and potentially not have an occupancy of 80%. We prefer to work with owners who want to make a reasonablely fair profit after cost and ones who respect the role of an agency.

airbnb property management cape town


We will market your home with love and care; sharing it on as many as 20 international websites at 20% commission to us. This includes setting competitive rates, getting high occupancy, & maximising income, while ensuring positive reviews and a highly responsive and responsible Horak Clan.

airbnb property management cape town


Our objective is to find ways to minimize management cost to zero. We are not interested in making money from management. We provide the service exclusively to homes we market. Any costs are based on incidents. This is why maintenance free homes are ideal.

I see other Cape Town Airbnb property management companies charge as much as 18% for the management function alone. Others charge per incident. Both make money from managing Cape Town short term rentals. Therefore, they have no incentive to reduce costs. We don't like costs. We cut costs and find ways to be more efficient and effective. We make our money because we know how to market better than most. We focus on ways to increase owner profit; this means we make money when the owner makes money.

What If You Want to Part Ways With The Horak Clan?

I know you dread making mistakes and wasting your time on something that turns out to be rubbish. I have been there. But let me tell you these are early days and we need to qualify you and your home. But let's assume we agree to work together and..... 

You don't like us then let's shake hands and say goodbye. As easy as that. No grudges, no legal fine prints. As long as you cover any costs we incur and honor all future bookings you can say goodbye on the spot.

What If You, The Home Owner, Don't Deliver?

You will not be the first or last owner we decide to walk away from. We expect you to invest in your home and keep it immaculate. If you mistrust guests in general and if you don't take responsibility you'll get the boot. You also need to trust us and allow us to stick to the rules that we agreed on together. 

The Horak Clan vs Other Solutions

You have a few options to unhassle managing your property and marketing it. Let's have a look at doing it via the Horak Clan and other self catering agencies.

CapeHolidays (Horaks)

  • Expert Marketing & Management 
  • Understand the idea of "Loving Airbnb" to maximise income
  • Focus on zeroing management cost to benefit the owner.
  • Maximising income by marketing on as many as 20 marketing channels
  • The Horak Clan is family based and our aim is not to be the biggest but most personal and effective.

Airbnb Only Agencies

  • Most only marketing OR only do property management
  • Clueless about "making Airbnb money" to maximise owner income.
  • Inadvertently focus on maximising management cost to benefit the agency.
  • Focus on all eggs in Airbnb basket as the only marketing channel. 
  • Others focus on becoming a big business with no personality and lots of corporate titles.

Here's a "What You Get" From The Horak Clan

  • A personalised Horak team looking after your interests with hawk eyes
  • Self Catering management experience from 2009
  • Online marketing experience dating back to 1998.
  • Proven track record of happy owners and happy guests
  • Focus on reducing management costs
  • Focus on maximising rental income from happy guests
  • Never placing all the marketing eggs in one basket
  • Will rather walk away today than disappoint you tomorrow.
  • Understand the rules of Airbnb love
  • What you see is what you get. 

Hi Nandi, Firstly, I would just like to thank you for all you emails, quick replies and your constant contact. Thank you anyway for your time and patience and information and hope you have a good summer season and Christmas. Will keep in touch Best regards  Thank you for everything ……

Sharon Oberhofer 

*Riana and *Philippa are real people but I have changed their names

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