Walking Cape Town – The Easy Fish Hoek To Muizenberg Route

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Walking Cape Town – Easy Fish Hoek To Muizenberg Route

Cape Town Walk - Fish Hoek To Muizenberg This article is about my Cape Town walk, from the other side of Fish Hoek to Muizenberg with my dog Gino. Many people arranging Cape Town Holiday accommodation are looking for nice and easy Cape Town walks.

I am sure that if you love walking as much as I do then this walk is for you. Walking in Cape Town can be easy or you can go for tough mountain hiking.

I like easy seashore walking or a short spur of the moment mountain walk. This article is about my walk from the other side of Fish Hoek to Muizenberg.

Weather in Cape Town is such that you cannot really plan well in advance for a walk.

But when you get up from your Simon’s Town holiday rental accommodation with the sun popping out above the Hottentots Mountains then you I must walk!

For example today low clouds gave us a surprising sunrise. The sun reflected against the clouds on the water. A photo moment.For me, the best time to start my walk is 30 mins to 60 mins before sunrise. I like to see the sun rise and get inspired. It gives me a kick. I packed a bag with water, a long sleeve top – just-in-case.

While packing Gino – my Italian Greyhound – started jumping up and down. He just knows. We drove from Simon’s Town to Clovelly (see map below) where I parked the car at a free car parking area next to the beach – see photo below and map for details. From here first stop…..Kalk Bay.

Let me get a few admin issues out-of-the-way about this Cape Town walk:

  1. If you enjoy life, Cape Town and walking next to our beautiful coast then you’ll have a lot of fun on this Cape Town Walk.
  2. Remember to bring your camera. All along the walk you’ll be able to capture nice shots.
  3. Travel light. Cameras can slow you down. And your walking friends may not like it when you stop and change lenses. I never take elaborate equipment. Sometimes I want to but I prefer to capture shots with my Samsung Galaxy SII cellphone camera . (A few photos shared with you where not taken by me. In such cases I show the image credit).

Cape Town Walk - Clovelly Corner

Okay. Let’s walk.

About 150 meters away from the parking area looking back you’ll see Fish Hoek, and further away to the left is Simon’s Town. Here’s many photo taking opportunities depending on the sun’s place. But to see them you’ll have to stop and look back.

Great. Now were are walking. Next stop will be to allow Gino to lift his leg. And he tends to do it often as we start off. Along the way we meet and greet friendly walkers. All of us enjoying the lovely sunshine, the fresh sea breeze and soft salty taste on our lips. I am glad I brought some water. But then again at Kalk Bay we can buy what we want from many places. To Kalk Bay Harbour is 15 to 20 mins easy walking.

At Kalk Bay harbour you can make a detour, walk on the pier to the Light House. But before you get there you’ll have to cross the railway line. Here you may see a steam train that comes past every second Sunday. This is a fun trip. If you cannot get on the steamer try the hop on hop off train passing here from Cape Town. CAPE Town Walk - Kalk Bay But if trains are not for you then go straight on. Before going to the pier I turn right at the entry gate to the harbour, across the railway line and then right again…..keeping close to the harbour buildings towards a little house sitting on its own overlooking False Bay. This is what you’ll see:

Unfortunately this Kalk Bay home is not one of the many Kalk Bay Holiday accommodations available to holidaymakers. If it was it could have asked a premium with such a beach view.

Let’s now walk to the pier and past the women selling fresh fish; an experience not to be missed. (You have now walked 1.34 kilometers).

When the weather changes watch-out before you walk to the light tower. (image credit – unknown): After the detour to the pier walking back across the railway line, turn right to Kalk Bay. Here are many great places, shops and people all along the way. (image credit) Just as we walked out of Kalk Bay we kept to the right. We wanted the first possible turn-off to the beach. This is not so simple as it seems. If you make a right too soon you’ll have to cross many rocks or walk along the railway line. (I never recommend you walk on or next to the railway line – trains can be fatal). And going over rocks test you balance. (Check the route map for details on where to get onto the beach).

Our next stop was the Dale Brook tidal pool. Without a map to this lovely place must be difficult to find and I suppose locals try to keep the secret. Dale Brook tidal pool is nice place for a quick dip. Or stay for the day.

Cape Town Walk - Dale Brook Tidal Pool On we walked. Gino was now peeing a lot less. He would lift his leg but do nothing. I think he was saving it for a bush where a big dog peeded. This he may want to do to intimidate the dog the next time they meet.

In total we intend to walk 3.9 kilometers. And back if we don’t find an alternative way. Nearly 8 kilometers there and back. We need to find a lift back. But how?

A few hundred meters after the tidal pool Gino wants to run free. He does not like a leash. But our Cape Town beaches are not dog friendly. This anti-dog – law is a controversial issue.

I don’t like breaking rules. But this cartoon explains how I feel about odd laws.

Note: I am not saying there’s should not be rules. But a blanket law? Not for me….. I am a rebel in my personal way.

Okay. This is out of season and there are very few people on the people only beach. And Gino likes a leashless run.

We are now at St James beach. And here the Cape Town flowers surprise us. What a sight. The winter is nearly past tense and the flowers bloom in abundance. Here we spent some time just to be stopped by another batch of white wild flowers. This is just getting better.

Next stop is the lovely and safe St James tidal pool. Is this not attractive? Who wants to go holiday anywhere else but Cape Town? (image credit) A few meters from here is this lovely tidal pool with the very popular Muizenberg colourful huts.

Great. Now for the last stretch to Muizenberg beach for a quick meal and finding a way back to the Clovelly. Gino would prefer a lift.

By now I noticed that my flips-flops are not made for walking. However the beauty of the walk distract us from making excuses. Let’s walk! 400 meters or so to Muizenberg on a walkway where high tide waves break across it leaving walkers with a cool spray or a quick run.

This is a dedicated walkway and town fathers with foresight built this. Or just rich landlords in a bygone area who wanted to make Muizenberg famous. All the time we had to look back over our shoulders taking photos Рwith the sun behind us. Now we are one track minded. Muizenberg. A red cappuccino. And something to eat. Gino would love a sausage. I can now see our favourite place. Gaslight Caf̩. There in the misty Muizenberg is our welcome resting place. We have made it with ease. Along the way we find old and young along the way. The young walk fast. And many greet us with a smile. The old stop and want to talk about the weather and Gino.

Gino is not the kind of dog who likes being touched or accepting compliments. He wants to grab a sausage. Quickly. And then lie down. But he is not yet aware that walking back is yet our only option.

Reward. I had my snack. Gaslight made Gino a sausage. My apple-rooibos drink was the best. I read the newspaper. And another. And had another drink. Red Cappuccino. But in my mind…how are we getting back to the car? Gino had the best deal. He was covered – a sausage and a cushion.Elmarie, my wife, went to do her hair but as you know women take time when it comes to hair. Elmarie was also not planning a trip past our excursion. I begged. But she was running late. Very late!

Gino and I started our walk back. Full stomachs and lazy. As we approached St James Elmarie called. She is coming past and will pick us up at The Octopus Garden. (We did not stop over but this is a well recommended restaurant in St James).

I hope you enjoyed our Cape Town Walk!

What about getting back? There are a few options:

  1. You can walk back. It’s only 8 kilometers there and back. 😉
  2. You can ask a friend to drop you off.
  3. You can take the train to your starting point and take it back.

Here’s a map for your eyes only. Plan your Cape Town Walk – Fish Hoek To Muizenberg with it and when you do the trip share your photos. View Cape Town Walk – Clovelly To Muizenberg in a larger map

What about this article did you like or did not like? Please give me your view in the comment area below.

  1. Diane said on September 8, 2012 7:45 pm:

    Lovely! Absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed the walk. Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit Cape Town; I’ll certainly bring my camera.

  2. Johan Horak said on September 8, 2012 8:19 pm:

    Thanks my friend. I’ll take you where ever you like. As long as you have a camera. Ha ha. Thanks for your comment. And thanks for taking the walk with me….;-)

  3. Doreen Pendgracs said on September 9, 2012 4:43 pm:

    Lovely post, Johan! You have certainly made me want to visit Cape Town.

    Yes, I find I leave my fancy camera with interchangeable lenses at home now. It rarely travels with me, for as you say, it’s heavy, bulky and takes too much time to change lenses to capture that perfect shot. I love travelling with a light, pocket-sized camera. And in a pinch, the camera on the iPhone dies just fine.

    I’ll look forward to visiting South Africa in the next year or so.

  4. Johan Horak said on September 9, 2012 5:27 pm:

    Hi Doreen my new writing travelling chocolate tasting friend….It’s very kind of you to comment on this post. Thanks for the kind words.

    I like the ability to send my photos to the cloud without using a USB. And android phones do that well. The dropbox app on android and iPhone can also set to do it automatically.

    There’s a new CoolPix 800 Nikon out that gives more options than the phone camera. I would like that.

    In the meantime have travelling fun and stay in touch. I’ll check your blog out and hope to see you in Cape Town.

  5. Angela G. Horn said on September 13, 2012 7:40 am:

    I’ve done this walk, it’s actually really pleasant! Lovely post…really enjoyed the pics (especially the ones of your pooch). 😉

  6. Johan Horak said on September 13, 2012 8:43 am:

    Hi Angela thanks for the comment. We may meet the next time we do it. I love my dog. Do you have dogs? 😉

  7. Cape Town Tidal PoolsCape Holidays Blog said on November 7, 2012 10:21 am:

    […] a look at a great photo walk I did from Fish Hoek to Muizenberg past this lovely tidal pool close to lovely Kalk bay holiday homes, restaurants and […]

  8. Naeema said on January 9, 2013 6:02 am:

    Thanks I enjoyed your article and I am a Capetonian.
    Regarding the dog rule, it would be great if you could respect that rule just as you would like others to respect your dog while on the beach on a leash. As you might know we don’t all like the same things and for people with a real fear of dogs would you suggest we stay away from the beaches if dogs were allowed to roam free i.e. without leashes?
    At age two my son was attacked and severely injured by a dog known to him…

    Kind regards keep well.

  9. Johan Horak said on January 9, 2013 6:12 am:

    Thanks for reading the article. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    I do understand you dog issues.

    Please note: From the time I wrote this article Cape Town has placed boards on each and every beach stating the rights of dogs. If you may call it rights.

    Some beaches no dogs are allowed. Some beaches only dogs on leaches are allowed. Ons some beaches dogs can run free.

    Please take note of these dog rules before you go on to a beach and while you are scared of dogs.

    Have fun

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