(5 of 10) What income can I expect with my Cape Town Accommodation?

This is the question! The real question. And it will depend on a lot of factors. We have developed a lot of experience over time and have a good idea of what you can get depending on the features of your home, the location (one beach or not), the luxury finishes, number of bedrooms and the suburbs.

In Cape Town we have three season:

  1. High Peak: 15 December to 15 Jan
  2. Winter: 1 May to 30 Sept
  3. Summer before and after peak. Summer after peak tend to be more popular than before peak with February the most popular of the summer months with the mining indaba, and retired foreign people staying for a month or more.

For more on rates read these articles.

As a very general guideline you can use the number of bedrooms, the suburb and the season to get an idea. The best is to ask for a free rate consultation and we will assist you with our self catering rate calculator.

The further you move away from Camps Bay and Clifton your get less.
Let’s say you have a few exact same homes one in Camps Bay or Clifton, City Center, Southern Suburbs and Southern Peninsula.

  1. Let say Camps Bay Clifton is 100%. Then the other areas would be 50%. (NOTE: I am generalising). Let’s look at an example: If you can get R10 000 per night in  Camps Bay Clifton you will probably look at R5000 for the same house in other areas.
  2. If high peak rate is 100% then winter would be 33% and summer about 50%. In rand and cents this would mean a Camps Bay home would get say R10000 during high peak, R5000 during summer and R3333 during winter.
  3. Bedrooms: Camps Bay Clinton can be R4000 to R8000 per night per room during high season. This means about R2000 to R4000 per night during winter. Other areas would be finding it difficult to get R4000 per room during high peak  – or rather impossible – except for really fancy homes. Other areas with nice homes could expect more than R2000 per room. (I am not talking about budget homes).

Now you should have some idea. If you need a free self catering rate consultation leave a comment. Also read this article.

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