Why “The Surprisingly Spectacular Clifton Cape Town Beach”?

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Yes! Why Surprisingly? Clifton Cape Town Beach Has Been Compared To St Tropez!


USA TODAY on Clifton

If USA TODAY, which I take as an authority, includes Clifton in a list of 12 surprisingly spectacular city beaches and they exclude St Tropez then Clifton’s beaches must superior to St Tropez.

But I think the crux is in the qualification: Surprisingly.  I read unexpected. But why is Clifton unexpectedly spectacular?

Let’s see what USA TODAY said:

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Cape Town’s beaches is not that they exist—after all, the city sits on a peninsula between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans—but that they’re so popular. Remember that this is an extremely rugged part of the world, which has water cold enough to support penguins and perhaps the highest concentration of great white sharks anywhere.

In other words USA TODAY is saying that the Clifton Beaches should not be so popular because it’s rugged, with cold water that’s invested with great white sharks.

This partially sensationalism don’t you think? Or just plain exaggeration for attention’s sake?

According to Wikipedia:

[pullquote position=”right”]…..shark sightings are extremely rare in Clifton and on the Atlantic coast in general. Most supposed sightings turn out to be seals or sunfish.[/pullquote]

Cold Water Is True. But only during summer:

Here are some water temperature facts that can change my mind

…[pullquote position=”right”]Clifton water temperatures in summer dip to their lowest levels – sometimes below 10 C, with relatively warm water (10 – 20°C) during winter.[/pullquote] (read more here)

The Clifton’s water temperature is due to the prevailing wind direction: The South Easter during summer and the North Western during winter. The SE sends the warmer current away – and the NE brings it closer to the beach.  (read more here)

Unfortunately most people visit Clifton during the summer and think it’s cold water all the time. Now if you want to holiday on one of the best beaches in the world for a plus 66%  discount come stay in a lovely Clifton bungalow during winter.

And don’t give me that junk excuse that it always rain in winter. Just have a look here. [pullquote position=”right”] During August Cape Town is forecasted to see 8 hours of sunshine everyday. [/pullquote]. Is that bad for winter? And while you are at look at the other months as well.

Talking about Clifton people or is it Clifton visitors. According to USA Today it’s no ordinary people visiting Clifton’s beaches. No.

Clifton Beach Cape TownClifton…..a series of four smaller beaches divided by granite boulders, attracts a sometimes painfully trendy crowd of fashionable sunbathers.

I am sure some of the traditionalist from Clifton are spinning in their graves. But at the end of it all; Clifton is the most expensive place in South Africa to holiday. And if the walk the beaches with high heels then it’s fine.

How do you like Clifton? With or without the high heels?

Have fun

Johan Horak

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