What’s The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town?

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Good Question: What’s The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town?

What's The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town?

Birds of a feather (credit)

Many people not familiar with Cape Town ask the question [pullquote position=”right”]what’s the best area to stay in Cape Town? Can you tell me?[/pullquote]

In  1545 William Turner said “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.” That was true then and before. Today it’s still true. Let’s see what’s the colour of your feathers:

Dividing Cape Town

Cape Town’s holiday areas can be divided by the warm False Bay (FB) side – Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek, and Simonstown. Then there’s the cold Atlantic (A) side of Scarborough, Kommetjie, Noord Hoek, Hout Bay, Llandudno, Camps Bay, Clifton, Sea Point, Milnerton and Blouberg in the north.

And yet another devision; the north – Blouberg, Central Business District (CBD), the Atlantic Seaboard (AS), Southern Suburbs (SS), and Southern Peninsula (SP).

  • The affordable North (A); Blouberg – beyond the boerwors curtain – and others like Melkbos. Long beaches with the best views on Table Mountain. Kite surfer’s paradise. Accommodation rates in December are mostly less than R500 per person.
  • Then Cape Town CBD – cosmopolitan – everything goes as long as you have the guts to go with the flow. You get cheap to very expensive and luxury accommodation in say Tamboerskloof.
  • The Water Frontshop till you drop. The Waterfront is the most visited destination in Cape Town. Culturally it is the zero on the contract and designed for money.
  • De Waterkantcool dudes and arty place with restaurants and coffee shops. Greenpoint is the same. Here you get expensive and affordable accommodation – close to everything. Rates vary from less than R500 to plus a R1000 per person per night.
  • Sea Point (AS). Walk along the promenade. It’s an affordable place with pockets of luxury along Beach Road and mansions against the mountain. Rates are from R350 to R500 per night during peak time. Luxury places can be more.
  •  If you want a wind free holiday try out Fresnay (AS). (Read here on 3 Of The Most Wind Protected Accommodation Areas In Cape Town).
  • Atlantic Bling – the Ferraris, Porches, night life, high heals and romantic beaches; as we move south along the Atlantic the accommodation rates increase to above R1000 per night per person. These Atlantic Seaboard areas include Bantry Bay, Clifton, Camps Bay and other. If you want to stay with the wealthy then Clifton’s beach accommodation is the place.  Camps Bay is second. And in general the Atlantic Seaboard is where the rich and famous byrdes flok together. Clifton beach accommodation and selected Camps Bay accommodation run at R1500 and above per night per person in peak season. By the way; Clifton is the most densely populated mega multimillionaires surburb in South Africa.
  • Llandudno is small housing village with almost no shops – a mixed bag of accommodation. From +R1500 per night per person for beach accommodation to R500 per night per person for affordable accommodation.
  • Hout Bay (AS) is like an island on its own. A small town with a large fishing harbour, fresh fish, a lovely kiddies beach, dogs, horses and the family.  Its accommodation is cheaper, and in general, in the region of R500 plus per night per person during peak.
  • Now we move into the Southern Peninsula; Noord Hoek (A) (SP) is where the greenies flock together. They look after all the leopard frogs, horses, dogs and cats. They drink wine and make beer and kids. They walk around in dubbin boots. Some of them surf as well.
  • If you want a rural surf or beach holiday then Kommetjie (A) (SP) is the place. Virtually all the homes are on the beach. It’s a long beach. Very long. Here the local people have kids as well. The kids can do nothing but surf. And they become the best in South Africa. Accommodation rates vary from less than R500 pppn to more than R1000 pppn.
  • Scarborough (A) (SP) – is probably the most rural beach holiday destination in Cape Town. Gravel roads, wandering dogs, surfers, sunbathers and no shoppers. No bling. Nothing. There’s one restaurant where you get home cooked meals; green beans mashed carrots with prawns. Accommodation rates vary from below to plus R500 pppn in peak time.
  • What’s the best area to stay in Cape Town? If you want old English charm, naval history, sailors, nature walks, penguins, whales, small secluded beaches then try Simon’s Town (SP) (FB). The rates are about R500 per person some higher some lower.
  • Do you want an affordable family holiday close to the beach? Fish Hoek town is like any other small farm town. But this one’s CBD is not the attractive one. And they don’t sell booze. Rules like these have good intentions but they attract boring engineers. The beach is where the kids play, the houses in the lanes are very affordable. And the houses against the mountain looking down have great views and are expensive to rent.
  • Kalk Bay (SP) (FB)– In a earlier post I said: Do you want lovely restaurants, little shops with a working harbour and a busy street? Then Kalk Bay should be your choice. Kalk Bay is a small Cape Town; with every mix and greed having fun in harmony. For me Kalk Bay is the flip side of Camps Bay. In Kalk Bay people are colourful without being slick. In Kalk Bay you’ll see very few high heels. Read more
  • St James (SP) (FB) is one of the wind free places in Cape Town. Two of the most elegant blue room styles guest houses can be found in this luxury suburb of Cape Town; the St James 5 Star B&B, and the B&B St James. If you have ever been on the Blue Train or Rovos rail then you’ll know what I mean. These guest houses are style.
  • Muizenberg (SP) (FB) – where you surf and surf, sit on the beach or at one of the local cafes. When the rich left the place went down hill. Today, again. it’s a beehive with artists, hippies, and old-time charm. A combination bringing you interesting people around every corner. Today the place is still very affordable at R500 and less per person per night in peak time.
  • The Southern Suburbs. Suburbia. You you’ll find yourself close to all the Constantia Wine routes. Basically next to beautiful homes, close to everything if you are willing to drive. And holidaymakers, families and large groups stay here for a third of the rate they would pay at Clifton or Camps Bay for the same house. If you are willing to drive then get yourself a holiday home here.

What’s the best area to stay in Cape Town? This depends on your budget and what you want to do. If you did not get the answer above then leave a comment and I will get back to you.

If you know Cape Town then tell me about your preferred place to stay.

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