Why Use A Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency Photographer?

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Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency Photographer for Marketing Photography

 Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency Photographer

All Photos where taken by Hamish Niven

Today I want to introduce you to a Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency Photographer that have turned many Cape Town holiday homes into master pieces. Many holiday home owners ask between R2000 and R10 000 per day (even more) for a lovely Cape Town holiday home but they never think of spending R4000 on a professional Cape Town photographer to stage their home and take photos that will sell that home.

Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency Photographer

My friend Hamish Niven is such a professional Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency Photographer. Let Hamish continue…

I’ve been involved with photography for over 15 years, and this passion and love of the captured moment comes through in my work. Photography has taken me to some amazing places and put me in some incredible situations. It has shown me that taking the photos is only a part of the process. Professional photography is a sum of many parts, beautifully taken images of a subject, a level of service that provides assurance that the images will be useable by the client for marketing.

Professional holiday accommodation photography needs an understanding of holiday home owner’s wishes and an understanding the limitations of what can and can’t be photographed for any given situation. It is not just walk into a space and click the button.

We all know the adage “…a photo is worth a thousand words…” but why is that?


Why should we invest in good holiday home photography?

Marketing photography must not mean a quick snap with any old or new digital camera, with horizons not true or with grainy imagery and poor lighting, with creepy crawlies left in the pool, or an untidy house.

Websites are the only marketing tool of so many holiday home owners, so all images on that site must be of the best possible quality and presented to attract attention.

Photography is the last part you have to control your Cape Town holiday accommodation marketing before it is sent out to the masses. The last chance you have to make your Cape Town holiday home look amazing and show it off so people would want to buy or use it.

Why do companies spend vast amounts of money on on advertising using photography, whether in controlled studios or at great locations around the globe?

Why do they use models, and teams of professionals to apply the makeup, to adjust the clothes and position products in such a way to exploit the maximum amount of potential from an image?

Who would spend R100,000’s or R1m’s creating something and then not make the effort to market it to its best potential. Who would rent out a holiday home for thousands of rands and not make it presentable on the web? Who would spend 1,000’s of hours developing a product and then use an iPhone or average photographer to take control of the market that product?

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression”

After a brief has been supplied and any queries about the needs of the Cape Town holiday home owner have been understood, can the photographers preparation for the shoot begin.

If a stylist is not requested, then the Cape Town holiday home owner must have the Cape Town holiday accommodation looking prefect – the scenario is prepared, the light is perfect, and the whole setting is ready. Then can the photography take place. So true is this. So it is even more important to have a professional photographer who understands what you are trying to achieve and can make this happen – it is their images that will sell your product, your service.

The photographer must know the subject matter and be fully briefed. They must know the weather patterns, the geography of the land around the shoot and how to bring all this together to supply the best images possible. And you know how the weather can change in Cape Town. And then supply the after service to ensure Cape Town holiday accommodation photos are promptly supplied and as the client needs. None of the above should be compromised. Just as poor spelling is awful to read, poor photographs will not provide the exposure that is required from the marketing.

Professional holiday accommodation photography is not cheap, you are paying for experience and a level of service that takes time to learn and create

The holiday accommodation photographer must have an innate knowledge of their equipment, the potential and limitations of taking a photograph in any situation. They must have a great understanding of their subject – they need to feel how to make a space feel inviting and special.

The photographer needs to how the images will be used and advise as what need understand how to present the movement of light and shadow, this with a complete understanding their tools, the weather, local geography, and how to present a sense of living or lifestyle within that photograph. Photography is not just a job, its often its a passion, a vocation and a lifestyle choice.

Photography is not a 9-5 job. You are not just paying for photos supplied after a shoot. You are buying into a service, that offers guarantees that images will be good, that the images will be what you briefed them to be.

Images may be completely edited, if that is required, but they will always be sharp and well lit, corrected for colour, brightness and without dust spots. A professional photographer will have back up equipment with them, should a lens or camera break, they will ensure that they understand what you require and will recommend and arrange stylists or assistants should they be wanted. A professional photographer is someone who will quickly grasp what is wanted from them, what is needed from them and will take advantage of the situation to capture the images required.

“People will book the same Cape Town holiday accommodation from a second website if it looks better on another site”

Our hectic lives in means that have almost ZERO seconds to catch peoples’ attention. Powerful, striking and beautifully taken and presented photographs are essential to promote any product or service.

Studies indicate that peoples’ minds process images before they realise what they have seen, so it is fundamentally vital to present images that capture this mind, and then keep the attention of that person, so they may be able to respond and potentially make a purchase of your product or service, and they will buy the same product from a second website if the images are better on that site.

hamishNIVENPhotography is about exceptional images, exceptional service and ensuring that you are happy with the images taken and supplied. Professional cameras, lenses, editing equipment and exceptional service ensure that your images are beyond your expectations.

New for 2013 is an cloud based (online) archival storage system.

All your images are safely stored online and they can be retrieved via a download link. No need to pay for a disk to be sent out or worse still, a reshoot due to lost images. 50% discount – R249 for 2 years storage of a properties images on the cloud – retrieve you images access to the cloud 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

I would recommend to all Cape Town Holiday home owners to look at their holiday home’s photos and consider investing in a professional Cape Town holiday Accommodation photographer. It’s a once off investment that will give you great returns.

You have read what Hamish had to say. And we can add; we have many hundreds of Cape Town holiday homes listed on CapeHolidays.Info and the last to rent out are the ones with poor photos. Holiday home owners are not stupid. They make up their mind first by the photos. If these fail your Cape Town holiday home marketing has failed.

Contact Hamish here to discuss your Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency photographic needs.


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