Will I pay more because I use a Cape Town holiday Accommodation agent?

August 10, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

That’s a valid question.

Many people believe they pay more when they book accommodation through a Cape Town holiday accommodation agent. But let’s look at the home owner or guest house owner. She needs to advertise here holiday accommodation and to covert the advertising cost she set a price. That same price is given to accommodation listing companies like Cape Holidays. We list her price that she will get if she sold the accommodation herself.

But we have an advantage. When you use Cape Holidays you have the added guarantee that we have inspected the property. We vouch for the holiday accommodation. This cut your risk. Many times you think you pay less but you have no way of guarantee.

You may want to book a guest house but you have no relationship with the owner. We do business with them everyday. And we can negotiate a better deal for you.

We believe you can in most instances pay less when you use our Holiday Booking services.

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