Will The Quality Of Cape Town Accommodation Pictures Make You Rent Your Place?

How Important is Cape Town Accommodation Pictures?

Cape Town holidaymakers are looking for accommodation and search for Cape Town accommodation pictures to get the emotional juices flowing.

Why? Photos inspire.

Wikipedia describes the idea as follows: A complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image.

A picture is worth a thousand words

1913 newspaper advertisement

My point for today is that a 1000 words will not fill your Cape Town accommodation. One or ten pictures will not fill your accommodation. Only good photos will bring you more guests. Unfortunately very few accommodation owners are willing to invest in a professional photographer.

Let me give you an example:

We just listed a lovely Sea Point apartment. The place inspired me. And I only saw the photos. The place looks as though it’ listed in Vogue. There’s a lot going for this Cape Town apartment. A professional took the first two photos:

Cape Town Accommodation Pictures

Cape Town Accommodation Pictures 23

Below is the same apartment where the photo was taken by an amateur:

Accommodation PicturesNot too bad for an amateur you would say. (I would like to commend Charmaine, the owner of this Sea Point accommodation. I can see that she is an interior designer and renovator.)

Let me continue: 

I would volunteer and say that if you had to choose between two similar apartments, with photos taken by an amateur and the other by a professional photographer, you would choose the one with professionally taken photos.

Will The Quality Of Cape Town Accommodation Pictures Make You Rent The Place?

Today we rented a holiday house in Kommetjie for R6500. The holidaymaker wanted a six sleeper on the beach with a pool. Her budget was R4000. (Note: A professional did not take the photos but they were a lot better than most).

We recommended the holidaymaker a R4000 house on Kommetjie beach. We know it’s a beautiful home – we have been there. This house can easily rent for R5500 per day. But the photos are poor. Not bad just not as good as the more expensive home’s photos. The holidaymaker was not interested. Our 1000 words could not convince her.

We decided to recommend the R6500 per day house. This is R1500 over her budget. She fell in love with the place. The rate was not an issue. The only major difference was the accommodation’s pictures.

By the way: This Kommetjie house is rented out during all of December and most of January. While other homeowner waits for a renter. If I was in charge I’d spend money and get a professional photographer today.

I decided to talk to Charmaine’s professional photographer, the one who took the first two photos above, and ask him for advice. This is what he had to say:

  • If your Cape Town accommodation is ugly he is not even interested in taking photos.
  • Before you invest money in professional photos invest money in upgrading your holiday accommodation. Get an interior designer and renovator.
  • If you have reasonable interiors then ensure it’s clutter free and use flowers and other colour props make your place more photo friendly.
  • A small house or apartment will cost you about R2500 for 10 photos. And a large house will be approximately R4500 for 20 photos.

Will you get your money back?

In other words: Are you risking money when you invest in professional photos? No. We know what gets rented out regularly and what not.

Small holiday accommodation will only have to rent their place out one or two nights extra to recover costs. And larger places only needs one day extra to recover the cost. Go for it. And let us know when are done. You will fill more beds and we will send you more happy guests.

Have fun

Johan Horak
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July 26, 2013


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