(9 of 10) Will you give the agency sole marketing rights?

This is a very simple question to answer.

If you want to do your own marketing you would not need an agency like CapeHolidays.info.

Why not?

CapeHolidays.info gives priority to sole mandate homes. This means that we send all enquiries to solemandated homes first and when they are full, then only, do we send business to non-sole mandated accommodation.

Why is a sole mandate important to you as the owner?

  1. It’s is the only way we can maximise your home’s income.
  2. Booking.com and other listing sites expect us to honor bookings. If we say your place is available, we get a booking and we have a double booking we still have to pay Booking.com fees. If we don’t have full control of the calendar the risk is too high.
  3. We may list your accommodation on 20 live listing sites to ensure we can maximise your income. But it must be clear that we cannot list on these sites without a sole mandate making us the only boss of the availability calendar for your place.
  4. This does not mean you cannot block dates off for yourself; obviously you can and you should, but you need to do it well in advance and only after you have checked availability with us. Our bookings always comes first.

What is next? What are the costs involved in managing and marketing your accommodation?