(7 of 10) Will you manage your home or will your agency manage your home?

Managing your home is also liaison with your guests from pre-arrival to post departure. This is a critical function.

New owners, and mostly, owners who make their home available for high peak and other holidays think they can get the money from the guest, and an sit on the beach in Plet, switch off the phone and hope the guest survives the broken geysers, flea attacks, etc.

Unfortunately this is a recipe for disaster, because if things can go wrong they will.

We have discussed how to set your home up for guests arriving. If you have done the basics well, and have a newlly renovated home you have a 90% chance of having a peacefull time while your guests enjoy your home.

Self catering agencies like CapeHolidays.info provide a marketing function, and a management function if owners cannot manage their own homes. Managing is not a free function; it takes a lot of work, preparation and liaison with guests.

The main functions are:

  1. Meet the guestS upon arrival. This can be a mess as guests don’t care about arrival times while you may wait hours for them to arrive. Then you exchange keys, brief them on the house, and show them the home manual.
  2. Liaison with the guests while they stay at the home. If something goes wrong, from a lack of water, electricity, broken stuff, flea attack, broken aircon, burglary and other.
  3. Departure: This is where you collect keys, check the home for issues, and arrange refunding the breakage deposit.

If you want to manage your home; know that you’ll be on call 24 hours out of 24 hours.

If you are an experienced manager of your home then you’ll know what is involved. If not employ your short term rental agency as your manager. It will cost you money but it will save you many headaces.

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What’s next? Do you want to market your home or will you ask an agency to assist you?