(2 of 10) Will Your Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation Qualify

Let my say that if you want to list (market) your own accommodation; you are the boss, you have the time and skills then do it.

Here the criteria, I believe, will contribute to maximise your self catering income. You can also use these ideas to decide where to invest in Cape Town accommodation as self catering accommodation.

First, I will list some of the most important criteria then share a short list of things we consider before we list a home.

General criteria to maximise income:

  1. On the beach.
  2. Or very close to beach – like across the road.
  3. A pool
  4. Jacuzzis are popular but a real pain to run.
  5. Camps Bay and Clifton comes before any other Cape Town suburb.
  6. Views, parking, balconies (apartments), security.
  7. Luxury finishes, maintenace free, and modern appliances.
  8. Ultra professional photos (Read more here, and here,
  9. Great public testimonials like our more than 100 testimonials at Airbnb.
  10. Owners with great attitude; towards guests, money, and home maintenance.

For CapeHolidays.info to assist you in marketing and managing (optional) your home the following are general criteria:

  1. Your accommodation should have a pool or “on the beach”.
  2. Maintenace free – any home who still needs to be revamped will not make it.
  3. Modern or new appliances
  4. Any accommodation meeting the above criteria anywhere in the greater Cape Town may qualify for our marketing option.
  5. If you require marketing and management then we can assist in the City Bowl, Atantic Seaboard, Southern Suburbs and Southern Peninsula. Unfortunately our Southern Peninsula and City offices cannot manage homes in the northern suburbs.
  6. Owners with great attitude; towards guests, money, home maintenance and working with agencies.

Next we will discuss: What kind of homeowners should not list their Cape Town accommodation?